He's Back.

/ 10.8.09 /

Not that he was ever gone.
Breandon Backshall has bagged himself a rockin' golden Riptide cover of dreams. The little man is one happy beaver, so i thought it share with you a little interview i did with him for the latest 360mag. Enjoy.

I’ve just returned from Australia, whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to meet up with an old friend. He’s always ripped, but he’s now he’s finally getting the coverage he deserves with new moves and big barrles! He’s donning Iamnone, inked a contacts with Zion wetsuit and has his own board model with Manta! So I thought it was about time the Uk learnt alittle more Brendon Backsall.
- Full Name? Brendon Backshall
- Age? 21
- Born/Live? Born in Geraldton Western Australia, Now Living In Dunsborough Western Australia
- How'd you get started on the boog? When i was a little kid i lived in the same town as Sean Virtue and Ben Sukinik and they got me excited about bodyboarding
- Favourite wave and why? Box, its close to home and its got everything you need. Ideal for Bodyboarding
- Tow-in bodyboarding has progressed leaps and bounds in recent years, you've been at the forefront of this movement, redefining what is deemed as rideable! How/who and what got you motivated to search out and surf these waves? Brad Hughes motivated me, and i guess i have put alot of effort and focus on doing the tow stuff and searching for those kind of waves as its what i want to improve on more than anything.
- In the recent Riptide, it clams your the first to land an 'invert-to-backflip', how did you progress to this and is there any more new moves up your sleeve? I had tried two the year before and came so close to riding out of one, I then tried a few more towing just to see i could still do the rotation and then this year i finally rode out of one.i think an air reverse to invert is feasible.
- Tight, tech surfing or big wave surfing, which is more important? Being an all rounder is what i want to be able to achieve but at the moment i think there is a huge following in the tight tech style of Bodyboarding, Id say that its more important to be able to have the trickery down pat but its so exciting watching and seeing shots of guys in real large waves i think.
- Who are the riders that inspire and influence your surfing? Mitch Rawlins and Brad Hughes they work so hard at being the best.
- Interesting fact people don't know about you? That im not that
- Aspirations, in and out the water? To be a happy and successful person out of the water. and to achieve everything i want to in the water.
- Biggest strength? Id like to think i work hard to achieve my goals.
- Biggest weakest? Negativity
- Ladies, you got one, thoughts? I have a special girl, Hannah. she is by far the best girl i have ever met and so supportive and makes me alot happier then i was without her.
- Music? Hardcore mainly
- Thoughts on me camping in your driveway, ha? It was so rad! i hadnt actually got to hang with you in such along time so it was so cool to get to spend a week or so with you and getting to meet your girl ruth was so coo also. both amazing people and good friends.
- What does the future hold for Brendon Backshall? Lots and lots of bodyboarding and hopefully alot of trips with good waves.
- Anything you want to add? Thanks Jack for taking the time to interveiw me and props to Reon @ Manta Bodyboards.


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